Social Security Strategy – Don’t miss out on your benefits

Over 56 million people, or one in six Americans, receive monthly benefits from Social Security. In many instances, Social Security payments are most beneficiaries’ major source of income (National Academy of Social Insurance, 2012)

Social Security is an incredibly important program because it offers you two valuable benefits:

1.  Income you cannot outlive, and

2.  An annual adjustment for increased living costs (referred to as a Cost of Living Adjustment or COLA)

When you are working, you contribute via automatic deductions from your paycheck. You see this deduction, but while you are employed you may not give much thought to what you think of as a retirement supplement.

Like many people, you may also believe that when the time comes, you’ll apply for Social Security benefits and then you’ll “get what you get.”  But this thinking is not correct. The millions of people who take this approach are potentially leaving thousands of dollars in Social Security benefits behind.


Because with Social Security, there are important strategic decisions that affect the amount of money you can receive from this program.  Don’t miss out!  I work with many individuals on coordinating their Social Security benefits with other retirement strategies and approaches.